We're the Counter Clocks

Big L riding Hoss, swinging his bat

Kentucky has an edge. A spirit. Once, it was tradition to race horses on the grass, running clockwise. This came from the British. But we raised and raced the finest horses, so we declared our independence. Our horses would race counterclockwise on dirt. The world — and baseball — followed our lead.

We heard from hundreds of community members during our rebranding process. In listening sessions, surveys, and one-on-one conversations. We heard about horses, bourbon, baseball, and why we all choose to call Kentucky home. One thing became clear: we’re proud of our culture. And we’re not afraid to blaze a new trail, even if everyone else is running backwards.

Counter Clocks player taking batting practice

Baseball returns to Lexington on April 28. Get your tickets for Opening Day or the whole season now.

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Stadium Improvement Renderings Released

The Lexington Counter Clocks released today a series of renderings of planned im

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We're the Lexington Counter Clocks

Introducing our new name, logo, and colors.

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Introducing our new coaching staff

Cameron Roth, Enohel Polanco, and Bryan Swalley are joining the team.

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